How to Last Longer in Bed

Do you want to last longer in bed? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not as hard as you think! There are a few true and tested ways to help you last longer. I’ve personally tested countless products, exercises and the like in order to increase my stamina during intercourse.

A quick word of advice – last longer in bed pills that are not prescribed by a doctor do not work in all of my experiences with them.


Sexual Enhancers – Best Solution

Kegel Exercises

Start and Stop Method

Prescribed Medications


Sexual Enhancers for Lasting Longer In Bed

Sexual enhancers are a sure-fire way to last longer in bed. Over the years I’ve combed through the junk and personally have a few favorites that I use on a regular basis. Sexual enhancers for lasting longer in bed range from penis sleeves to topical desensitizing sprays (my favorite). Here’s a list of a few of the ones that work best in my opinion.

How to Last Longer in BedPromescent

Promescent is an excellent choice for lasting longer in bed. It’s a topical spray that helps delay ejaculation for men in all capacities. It incredibly easy to use and gives instant results. I first tried Promescent on my journey to find tricks to last longer in bed in 2013. During my first few uses I really had to dial in the dosage that worked for me, but once I found that special number of sprays I was off to the races. It felt like nothing could stop me – and I must say, my wife was quite pleased.

I read a bit of information on the company and found that the doctor who created Promescent specialized in premature ejaculation – helping men last longer in bed. It claims to have a unique formula that is different than known brands like Stud 100 or KY Duration, which rather than numbing the surrounding area, targets the sensitive nerves that cause uncontrolled ejaculation.

When using Promescent I never feel like I lose all sensation like I’ve experienced in the past with other brands, but rather simply have more control of my timing. Also, a big sales point for me is that is doesn’t transfer (and my wife attests) to the female partner. I followed the directions closely the first time, waiting about 8-10 minutes and my wife has never complained about a loss of sensation for her.

Penis Sleeves

Okay – so this kind of defeats the whole purpose of finding ways to last longer in bed, but it did work as expected. It definitely was a weird conversation to have with my wife before trying it out. I would not recommend this option if your in a new relationship or are not completely open when it comes to sex. The only downside is that I would be left ‘hanging’ afterwards with really no sensation. It is quite pleasing to make sure that my wife is satisfied completely and using a penis sleeve works!


Kegel Exercises

Kegels are a viable option for those looking to last longer in bed, but do not want to explore sexual enhancers or other options. Kegels are quite easy to preform, however, do take time to master. I went on a kegel kick a few years back and finally after a few months of 10-15 minutes per day of exercising my pelvic floor muscle saw results. From my experience kegels helped me last about 30-40% longer during intercourse. The thing that I found difficult was holding my climax back. It was a mixture of using kegels and using the start and stop method to achieve longer times to climax. I’ve heard about some really positive success stories from people practicing kegels, but it just wasn’t viable for me as a long-term option. Not to mention – it was a bit frustrating not seeing results for quite some time.

As a long-term solution, I think exercising your pelvic floor muscle will be helpful in a limited capacity. Kegels are not an end all be all type exercise, but there is just too much data and information out there showing kegel exercises help you last longer during sex.


Start-Stop Method

Even if you’ve never heard of this method I am sure at one point in time you have used this technique to try and last longer during intercourse. The start-stop method is helpful but can be annoying to your partner. Stopping while things are heating up can kill the mood for her, but you’ll be able to keep going. It’s a catch 22 solution. Every time you stop, you take a step backwards from the finish line.

If you get clever you can say “let’s switch positions” or even better yet use your fingers or tongue in the interim while you cool down. I’ve used this countless times and I can say it works every time for obvious reasons. When you feel that you are getting close to climax take a 30-second to 1-minute break from all penis stimulation. This time will help you reboot and after the time has passed you’ll be okay to engage in penetration again. From experience when after the 1st time you get close to climax and then stop, the second time to getting close to climax happens a lot quicker.

Prescribed Medications

This should be a last resort for your search to last longer. Many doctors say you should try and last longer in bed without pills and only get a prescription for such pills if absolutely needed. Popping anti-depressants to beat premature ejaculation has been a well known fix for about 15-20 years now. It was first noticed as a side effect while doing clinical trials on the original medications.

Taking anti-depressants for premature ejaculation is not the same as taking Viagra for ED. The side effects of anti-depressant can cause a host of side effect ranging from:

• Increased appetite, weight gain
• Fatigue, drowsiness
• Insomnia
• Dry Mouth
• Blurred Vision
• Constipation
• Dizziness
• Agitation, restlessness, anxiety

I’ve experimented with a few of these drugs for science sake and can say they do work. It was recommended that take the anti-depressant for at least 1-week prior to gauging results as the active ingredient needed time to build in my system. During that time I was not allowed to drink any alcohol, experienced insatiable dry mouth, constipation and drowsiness from time to time. When all was said and done it was not worth the experience.

I definitely lasted longer and it did help improve my sexual performance. I’m not sure I’d do it again, unless they really refined the drug and made it so the host of side effects were close to nonexistent. Some men take these on a regular basis and there have been clinical studies that do indeed prove its effectiveness in the bedroom.

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How to Last Longer in Bed – In Closing

There are many ways to last longer in bed and it’s best if you hunt for the one that works best for you. It could be a mixture of 2 or more of these techniques or sexual enhancers and all comes down to personal preference. I’ve found that delay sprays do the job quite well with little side effects and would recommend you anyone looking to last longer in bed to try one.

Ultimately, if you look long and hard enough you will find a solution. It could be as simple as using the start and stop method to a higher degree. Relax, practice, explore – you’ll find something as I have for lasting longer during sex.


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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