KY Duration Review – Not So Fast

Andrea often gets upset with me for trying all these delay sprays.  But I was eager to try KY Duration delay spray for men after seeing all the commercials. Therefore, here is my KY Duration review.

Review of KY Duration Spray for Men

What is KY Duration Delay Spray?

KY Duration spray is from a big company and it’s more expensive than all the cheap sprays so I was hoping that they may have a better formula. My wife Andrea agreed to give it a try. 

Many consumers are quite familiar with KY Jelly lube as it has been around for over a decade. The makers of KY have become one of the top leaders in the sex industry for their lubricants and arousal gels. Furthermore, it is no surprise that they would attempt to break into the climax control niche as it has recently resulted in a huge market.

The primary ingredient in the most popular delay sprays is a solution called lidocaine. Lidocaine is primarily used in large doses for certain medical procedures. The topical use of lidocaine is commonly used as an oral treatment by dentist professionals. The use of the solution varies greatly as it is commonly used to numb or desensitize an area of the skin and nerves.

KY Duration is a liquid-based lidocaine solution that is used as a topical agent to treat and prevent premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs when a male’s latency time before climax is lower than usual and the male has little to no control to when he ejaculates. PE is more common in men than you think. Consequently, 1 and 3 men will experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime.

Therefore, it is no accident that the market for delay sprays is so large. Every man wants to last long enough in bed to save the embarrassment and to please his partner.

My KY Duration Results

Note to you regular readers of my blog:  Unless some big pharma company comes out with a new spray, I suggest not even trying it. Therefore, I’ve found all the new sprays to be pretty much the same.

Well, Duration is OK.  A bit better than Stud 100 and the other cheap sprays. However, they are not nearly as good as Promescent or Fortacin. Learn more about Promescent. 

May I also add that Promescent is the only delay spray that has undergone a clinical study? If you would like to read and review the results and effectiveness, read the Promescent clinical study here.

KY Duration helped me last almost as long as Promescent does, however, I did not enjoy the sexual sensation nearly as much. I don’t know about you but I’m not just looking to be numb, I want to feel everything with my wife. 

In other words, a significant reduction in sensation.  And Andrea said that she felt a little numb and did not enjoy it as much, either. After that, I talked Andrea into trying it one more time just to be sure. Same result.

Video Testimonials of KY Duration

Now there are a few people who found KY Duration spray to be useful. I’m not saying KY duration spray won’t work, however, it’s hard to call it a winner after you read the reviews on Amazon.

Just because a product has great marketing and a massive budget doesn’t mean the product is quality. Above all, That’s why I strongly stick to using Promescent as so many of my readers know.

I know that it’s a premium product and I know that it works every time without fail. But I digress. Here’s a testimonial of KY Duration.

KY Duration Reviews on Amazon

Fakespot is a website that analyzes Amazon product reviews for trustworthiness. In addition, I ran across this site and just love it, not just for this blog, but for personal shopping. So I analyzed the KY Duration 36 Spray Fakespot analysis and the January 28, 2018 results are in the image below.

Just for comparison,

The Fakespot Analysis for Other Delay Sprays:

  • Promescent 1.3ml has 559 reviews, a ‘B’ grade with 80% of high quality, and a Trustworthy 4-star Adjusted Rating (same as Amazon’s rating)
  • Shibari Triton has 588 reviews, a ‘D’ grade with half their reviews as low quality a painful Trustworthy zero-star Adjusted Rating.  Ouch!
  • Mandelay Majestic Climax Control Gel has 71 reviews, ‘D’ grade for 80% high-quality reviews but, for some reason, no adjusted rating (3 stars on Amazon)
  • Stud 100 has an ‘A’ grade but only has 12 reviews. [I thought Stud 100 was a more popular product than that.]

KY Duration – The 36 spray vs The 100 spray

I will update this web page occasionally but in summary, to get the latest Fakespot analysis, here’s the most recent KY Duration Reviews report from Fakespot for the 36 spray bottle. The 100 spray KY Duration bottle has a similar, but somewhat worse, Fakespot Adjusted Rating of one star.  However, I believe that the smaller sized bottles provide the best analysis because we want product reviews with the most number of first-time users.  

I’m actually surprised that the Reviews for the 100 spray KY  Duration bottle are worse than the 36 spray bottle. You would think that the buyers of the 100 spray bottle are more committed to the product and would provide higher ratings. For instance, when you pay more, you’re upset more when the product doesn’t perform as expected or advertised!

How Does FakeSpot Work?

So how does Fakespot work?  It must use some kind of algorithm that detects unusual patterns in the reviews.  Here are three examples of KY Duration 36 Spray review customers that their algorithm has determined are unreliable. They are copied from the KY Duration Fakespot report (go to bottom).  The actual Fakespot review web page has links to specific Amazon customers on, however, I don’t know the legality of putting this on my blog so best to remove the names and links.  Go to Fakespot if you’re interested to see these.

Unreliable Reviewer
Amazon Customer
Reviewer Analysis:


✓ Overwhelming amount of positive reviews
✓ Repeats reviews text
✓ Reviews content are of a poor quality
✓ Correlation with other fake reviewers’ profile data and language.


Unreliable Reviewer
Amazon Customer
Reviewer Analysis:


✓ Reviewer account looks to be generated by automation
✓ Correlation with other fake reviewers’ profile data and language.


Unreliable Reviewer
Amazon Customer
Reviewer Analysis:
✓ Overwhelming amount of positive reviews✓ Repeats reviews text
✓ Reviews content are of a poor quality
✓ Correlation with other fake reviewers’ profile data and language.
✓ Large number of reviews created on the same date.

The Fakespot full downloaded report for a product only costs $10 and provides every reviewer in a spreadsheet.  Worthwhile if you are contemplating a significant purchase of a brand you haven’t used previously.

KY Duration Pricing on Amazon

You shouldn’t read too much into the pricing of a product to determine how well people like it.  Maybe they have excess inventory, or doing a big promotion or simply a desire to try to wipe out all the lower-priced sprays.  Promescent lowered the price of its 7.4ml after the introduction of KY Duration so I was happy to see that (thanks, Duration).  But you can’t deny that it’s an indicator and the pricing history says that the product needs to be priced more like the cheap sprays to be competitive. See the price chart below.

How to Buy Duration

Disclosure – I get a small commission if you purchase Duration from Amazon by clicking through from my blog, so, if you decide to buy Duration (or another product), please click through from my blog.  These commissions are mostly used to buy Andrea some flowers for having to deal with my occasional product testing!!

Buy KY Duration on Amazon Here

Promescent Delay Spray for Men

In case you haven’t checked out my full-scale review of several different delay sprays and creams on the market today, make sure to head over there so you can decide which is best for your self. I promise you will not be disappointed as I want to make sure you get the most valuable information.

See my review here: Best Delay Sprays for Men

I’m happy that my wife participates.  It’s important for her feedback, also.  As a result, Our sex life has improved so much since I found Promescent (my blog post about Promescent is what gave this blog a following, BTW).  She just considers this part of being married to me.

Although, I only posted 2 video reviews. You can search and find over a dozen positive reviews of Promescent. Hence, you are probably thinking.. But Peter you also only posted 2 videos of Promescent… BIG WHOOP!

Most importantly, my friend, I hope you take my word for it and look up Promescent for yourself and see how many positive reviews have been posted. In the meantime, check Amazon and online Walmart! Consequently, For the sake of this blog post and your visual retina, I decided to skip on adding a dozen videos.

Video Testimonials of Promescent

As a result, Even Johhny Sins of SinsTV and one of the top-rated performing males in the adult industry recommends Promescent delay spray for men. Take a look!

In conclusion, if you do decide to buy KY Duration on Amazon, don’t forget to leave a review !!

This post has been updated as of September 10, 2019


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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