Verge Delay Spray Review – My Experience with Verge

My age has been a barrier to sex performance and a disappointment with my partner when it comes to bedroom affairs. I have realized that I cannot sexually perform for more than three minutes. My sexual dysfunction has been one troublesome topic that I have struggled with in my old age.

I have struggled with erectile dysfunction and tried to sort treatment from various doctors. I have undergone several medicines to no avail. Then one day, I google-searched my issue and found several medical products that I could use, not until when I came across one particular spray, which became the game-changer.

Today, I will be reviewing verge spray, the product that I bumped on online, which is affordable and good value for the money.

The Passion of Using Verde Delay Spray

I have recognized the power of this erectile delay product, and I will forever rely on it. I also recommend it to all men with premature ejaculation problems globally.

The product is locally available in medical stores worldwide, the United States, Europe, Asia, and some parts of Africa at affordable prices. You can buy it in different can packages such as twenty, forty, and sixty.

The product has brought back life, fun, joy, and pleasure to my bedroom. I can today have long sweet sex with confidence. I now last longer and wait for my partner to achieve orgasm before I do. My wife also applauds the spray and is satisfied with the results compared to other supplements and medicines I have used before.

Why I Like the Verge Delay Spray

The verge delay spray has become my secret tip and trick that makes me stay longer during sex as it prevents premature ejaculation. I can now control the amount of intimate time I have with my partner. I use it to slow down orgasm safely and effectively until both of us have had enough pleasure. That is why I consider it a unique product.

I find the spray easy to use, because:

  • I shake the can gently then hold the nozzle close to my penis head.
  • I then push the spray mechanism steadily to force the spray out.
  • I circularly rub the spray on the penis head and shaft using my fingertip until it is well absorbed.
  • I repeat the process with two more sprays to achieve delayed ejaculation that enables me to have prolonged sex.

After intercourse, I wash it off and relax.

If I need to have more than one shot, I apply two more sprays, wait for it to dry again, and bounce back inside her vagina.

I have fallen in love with verge delay spray as it is different from other male desensitizing sprays as most of them lead to too much numbing when used for a long time, in turn leading to loss of sensation and pleasure.

The only other product that is as good as the latter is the Promescent spray, which I have discussed below.

I found it comfortable and easy to use as the verge delay spray. The spray is packed in a small bottle that I carry along in my pocket for use when we go out with my partner or call out for a quickie.

Unlike other products, this is a healthy male product that does not kill my penis sensation nerves during intercourse.

When I spray it on my penis, it is absorbed round the target areas and then dries up faster. My wife can hardly notice that I have something on as it naturally blends with my skin and does not leave oily marks on me or feel sticky like creams.

It feels good with natural sensation just like a young erectile strong man. I enjoy great pleasure when I am thrusting, and I can feel my wife as she mourns softly.

Seductive Scent

Verge delay spray smells heavenly and gets you in the mood instantly. Even when I am a bit low, I know its seductive odor turns my wife and me on and prepares us for foreplay and intercourse.

Although I use it to solve my erectile and premature ejaculation problems, I cannot help but utilize its scent in all my bedroom endeavors. My prolonged performance also plays a role, thanks to verge delay sprays.

Another factor that I love about the Verge delay spray is that it is non-sticky, and I can wear a condom after spraying my genitals. I achieve my goals to have better and protected sex.

Compared to other delay products such as creams and gels, I would choose the Verge delay spray repeatedly. Creams and gels tend to be oily, slimy, and sticky, becoming uncomfortable to use.

Verge delay spray also has a quicker effect and gets you at the moment in a few minutes. If I were to forego Verde delay spray, I would choose Promescent Spray as it is close to what I like in Verde delay spray in characteristics.

How Many Sprays Are Effective?

As earlier mentioned, I use 3-5 spray per use, but I do not exceed 20 sprays per day as per instructions. Men have different erectile problems, and some have to use more sprays than one per shot while others spend less.

You have to know your level of need and use as per your satisfaction provided you do not go beyond the recommendations.

The trick here is to store as many sprays as you can in the house to not run out of options when you need them and cannot reach the store or delivery man at that moment.


I came to learn about Promescent spray after prolonged use of Verge delay spray, so I looked for another product for a change.

I sort out for an alternative spray containing Lidocaine instead of Benzocaine, which can cause allergy. The spray worked similarly and helped me solve my premature ejaculation problem.

Why Promescent Spray?

After an allergy reaction, I could not have comfortable sex with my partner. I decided to use a product that contained different ingredients. I looked for some drug medications, but they came with some side effects and were tedious to swallow every time I was sexually ready.

Alternatively, I like Promescent spray as it is similar to Verde delay when it comes to performance. The only difference is that it contains Lidocaine, which works well with me as I am not allergic to it.

I decided to do a Verge delay spray review because, although I like Promescent better, I’ve used Verge and wanted to give you my thoughts.

Promescent contains natural topical products that are safe to use. It dried well on my skin and did not cause any numbness or insensitivity on my wife during conjugation.

I lasted longer than 17 minutes allowing my partner to achieve several orgasms after using a few sprays.

How Promescent Spray Works

After applying it on my penis, the spray gets absorbed into the skin in a few minutes. I could feel it reaching my nerves to delay ejaculation. The spray numbs the nerves and delays ejaculation enabling me to last longer during intercourse.

I ensure that I apply the spray on my penis 10 minutes before conjugation. The time is good enough for it to get absorbed and take full effect. It also ensures that my partner does not contact it because it can cause numbness and insensitivity.

Precautions to Take

Before using Promescent spray, I consulted my doctor and he allowed me to use it because I had no liver or underlying conditions that would prevent me from using it.

When using the Promescent spray, I have noticed that I only have to use two-three sprays per use.

If I exceed that amount, I tend to get too numb to the extent that my wife and I lose sensitivity when having sex.

In case I want to have sex more than once in a day, I ensure that I do not use more than ten sprays as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

As per the manufacturer’s precautions, I am aware that the spray reduces sperm count and may cause infertility in the long run. However, I have enough children already, and I am not trying to conceive.

My partner also does not look forward to getting pregnant. In this case, I consider myself lucky to be using the spray.

To avoid irritation, I ensure that my penis is not broken or too sensitive before spraying it.

Before using the spray, I make sure that the manufacture and expiry dates are up to date to avoid using a stale product that can cause serious harm to my penis. I also check if the sprays are properly sealed and if not, I avoid using the spray.

Who Can Benefit?

Promescent spray is a must-have for all men experiencing premature ejaculation. I cannot sideline normal men and men with higher sexual stamina who would like to achieve more prolonged ejaculations with their partners.

According to studies, men reach orgasms in five minutes while women take around seventeen minutes. Therefore, the main goal here is to stay longer until both parties are satisfied.

I used to reach orgasm before my partner does, which was a turn off for her. Although men describe premature ejaculation as unable to reach ejaculation for more than a minute, my case has been different.

Thanks to Promescent and Verde delay sprays, I delay my orgasm and wait for my wife to achieve hers. Generally, both men and women benefit from the product as we all reach the desired sexual climax.

How to Use Promescent Spray

Promescent spray is easy to use, whether you’re new to it or an experienced user. The manufacturer clearly states how the spray should be used to achieve successful results. I am used to using the spray daily, and the process is straightforward.

The following shows how I use the spray:

  • I get hold of the spray can and shake it gently for a minute. I hold the nozzle close to my penis and spray it underneath the head, shaft, and the most sensitive zones.
  • After spraying, I rub the spray in a circular motion using one finger. If I use the entire hand, I find myself spreading the spray to undesired areas. I ensure that I apply three sprays per shot, which gives me the desired longevity. I sometimes spray the desensitizer when I am fully erectile to reach the most sensitive parts.
  • I then wait for five to ten minutes for the spray to dry. My partner can hardly notice if I have worn the wreath since it is odorless, non-sticky, and non-oily. Once the spray is dry, I engage in sex with my wife, and in fifteen to twenty minutes, I can hear her mourning in pleasure, and immediately, I know I have hit the target.
  • After sex, I hit the bathroom for a shower to wash off the spray.

How Many Sprays Should I Use?

Men experience different levels of premature ejaculation, depending on their age, lifestyle, and diet. While three sprays are enough for me, for another man he can use up to ten of them before he can attain an erection that lasts for long.

As a newbie to Prominent spray, it is advisable to start with lesser sprays first. If you hit the target with fewer sprays, you will get value for money, especially when you buy the five dozen bottle. It is good to stock up so that you cannot run out of stock when your wife’s sexual mood is high, and you know you are dependent on Promescent spray.

Final Verdict

As earlier mentioned, I switched from Verde delay spray to Promescent spray because, after prolonged use, sometimes I developed an allergic reaction.

I thought it would be wise to use a spray with different ingredients in that the Verge is made using Benzocaine and Promescent using Lidocaine.

The perfume in the Verde delay spray can also be irritable.

Although both of them serve the same purpose of delaying premature ejaculation, so far, Promescent is helping me right, and I cannot regret having it in my bathroom wardrobe.

I am satisfied with the product from how it is shipped to the experience I am having with it. My partner is also happy with my use of it and it’s nothing but paradise today.

My Verge Delay Spray Review
  • Verge Delay Spray
The Good

Cheap on cost

Can help you last a little bit longer

The Bad

Loss of sensation

Scent not all that pleasant

Primary ingredient is Benzocaine (I'm allergic)


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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