Jamaican Stone Review—My Unique Experience

jamaican stone review

Jamaican Stone is an unusual form of medication I’ve tried that made me last much longer during sex. There are several other products available that deal with premature ejaculation and in this Jamaican Stone review, I explain what sets this unique “rock” apart as being a powerful solution for stopping premature ejaculation.

Jamaican Stone is unusual in that it’s in a solid form made from concentrated tree sap and mixed with natural herbs.

The tree’s origin is Southeast Asia, so the name Jamaican Stone does not suggest that it originated from Jamaica. This is just one of its many names, which include The Love Stone, Black Stone, Sex Stone and, Hajar Jahanam in Arab countries.

The name Jamaican Stone is due to the color and form of the finished product.

It came to be formulated in the form of a pebble way back in the 1970s by Chinese herbalist merchants who were successful in formulating the original tree extract into its solid form of a stone.

The Zeal of Jamaican Stone

I have acknowledged the power of this amazing natural herbal product. Jamaican Stone has swiftly gained popularity as a cure for premature ejaculation because of its effectiveness.

From Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean, to Canada, and now to the UK and the United States, it has gained a zeal following in all these markets. This showcases that the product is loved worldwide and I testify to that.

Jamaican Stone gave me effective, vigorous, long endurance intercourse, and also the hardest erection I had ever come to experience. During sex with my wife, I lasted much longer thus it marvelously cured my sexual problem of premature ejaculation.

My wife found my sexuality appealing naturally, not compared to the use of over the counter drugs.

Jamaican Stone worked with my body meaning that it gave me an all-natural, organic erection with no strange side effects afterward.

Why I Like Jamaican Stone

Jamaican stone size

I use Jamaican Stone as a natural herbal sex treatment to marvelously solve my premature ejaculation problem. I‘ve highly sought after it because it has proved effective in improving my sex life with my wife.

It greatly prolonged my sexual intercourse with my wife and helped to keep my penis erect for much longer—That’s why I consider it far superior.

I apply it externally on my sensitive penis parts. Next, apply it to the head of my penis and around the sensitive nerve endings. I achieve the ability to last longer within 10 to 15 minutes after I’ve applied it.

I’ve come to like the Jamaican Stone very much as it does not compare to other male enhancement products as most spoil the sex in the process because of the numbing effect which is too strong and makes one lose sensation.

The only one other product that I can compare with the effectiveness of the Jamaican Stone is the Promescent product which I have talked about in great detail below.

I found having sex with the use of other male enhancement products not much fun and I felt I was not comfortable in my penis afterward. Jamaican Stone however scores high when it comes to premature ejaculation cure.

When I apply it to the areas around my penis, it is absorbed through the skin and does not work by numbing the penis like other products.

The Jamaican Stone is very potent in delaying my orgasm reflex without affecting my penis sensitivity so I get to feel all pleasurable sensations from my wife.

It absorbs through my skin quickly and easily and I get to also enjoy any other stimulating activity we engage with my wife.

Pleasurable Cool Tingling

Jamaican Stone gives my penis a pleasurable cool tingling which is one of the reasons why I like the product so much.

On one hand although I apply it to my penis to cure my premature ejaculation problem so that I last longer in bed, on the other hand, my wife also uses it to get a burning sensation on her clitoris which she likes so much and helps her to achieve an intense orgasm.

She has achieved multiple orgasms due to the tingling burning sensation on her clitoris several times also because of my prolonged performance that I’ve been helped with by the Jamaican Stone.

This product is not jelly nor creamy so it does not give me a hard time in taking away my attention from sex moments with my wife. Gels and creams often leave a greasy or slimy feeling which I have an allergic reaction to and I find it highly undesirable.

Uncompared to the gels and cream products, Jamaican stone also acts quickly. As I have mentioned above the only other product I have come to like besides the Jamaican Stone is the Promescent product.

Promescent as an Alternative

Promescent delay spray

It can be challenging to use the Jamaican Stone in its form of a pebble as it involves some preparation. This led me to think of an alternative—Promescent. It is easy to use and requires no preparation.


I came to learn about Promescent through my challenging experience of having to prepare Jamaican Stone before use. So, sometimes I settle to use Promescent instead. It also helps me a lot in dealing with premature ejaculation.

Why Promescent

The option I prefer to use to delay my ejaculation for much longer is the Jamaican Stone but sometimes I find it a challenge preparing the stone for use as it involves applying a couple of drops of water onto the surface of the stone to liquefy it.

And I cannot use other topical substances because they numb both me and my wife or are drug medications that come with side effects and are hectic to swallow every time I am sexually aroused.

In contrast, I like Promescent spray as it involves no preparation, and is no prescription, and doesn’t contain risky chemicals. It absorbs completely into my penis, and it does not pass along into my wife in the process of my usage.

Promescent has delayed my ejaculation without interfering with my sexual pleasure whatsoever or that of my wife. I wanted to last longer in bed and this delay spray helped me achieve that successfully. So I used it sometimes instead of the Jamaican Stone.

How It Works

Promescent absorbs into the skin of the penis to reach the nerves that trigger ejaculation and lightly numbs these nerves therefore delaying orgasm.

I applied the spray to my penis 10 minutes before every session of intercourse with my wife. The timing allows the product to absorb into the penis fully and take effect.

The timing also ensures my wife does not come into contact with the spray before it has fully been absorbed away, so that it doesn’t affect her sensitivity.

From my experience, the effects of Promescent lasts about an hour, but this depends on the dosage as you can adjust the dosage according to your individual preferences and sensitivity levels.

Precaution to Take

When I was using the Promescent spray I came to find the ideal amount of spray for me and my wife’s sexual satisfaction.

I applied the smallest amount necessary as spraying more than needed usually numbed my penis more than I liked it to and also caused the product to run out fast.

On that note, I usually buy a higher volume bottle because it has a long shelf life and I get more of it per value of money.

Who Can Benefit?

Promescent products

While men like me with premature ejaculation are definitely the candidates of using Promescent, but so are men with normal or above-normal sexual stamina. It’s all about lasting longer in bed. That is why I frequently use Promescent, when I am not using Jamaican Stone.

Read my full Promescent spray review

I used to reach climax sooner than my wife would want me to.

Some people define premature ejaculation as being unable to delay climax longer than 1 minute into sexual activity.

On average, men tend to reach the first ejaculation in about 5 minutes during sexual intercourse. On the other hand, women tend to reach orgasm on overage in closer to 18 minutes. This disparity shows men achieve orgasm frequently than women during sexual activity.

I don’t last nearly as long as my wife requires to achieve orgasm. That’s the number one reason I started using and came to like Promescent spray, whose performance matches that of Jamaican Stone.

How to Use Promescent Spray

Here is how I use Promescent Spray:

  1. First, before use, I shake the bottle decently. Note that you should not shake the bottle rigorously but just give it a gentle shake.
  2. I hold the nozzle close to my penis and spray 3 to 10 sprays depending on the preference for sensitivity and longevity. I focus on the most sensitive places and they include the frenulum (that portion of tissue that is v-shaped located on the underside of the penis, just under the head), the underside of the glans (head) of the penis, and also the shaft.T
  3. Then I wait for about 5 to 15 minutes for the spray to dry. When it’s dry I am ready to have sex with my wife.

If you are using it first time from the package remember to remove the sealing which is white tab before opening it. You may apply it while the penis is erect or not erect, it’s up to you. I find it easier to apply when my penis is erect to the most sensitive areas.

Ensure the nozzle is close to where you want to spray and ensure the spray does not go diverge into the air.

3-10 Sprays

You can spray up to 10 sprays but the amount of spray will depend on your individual needs.

My sexual performance has satisfactorily improved on using 1 or 2 sprays. Whilst some men may need up to 7 or 8 sprays.

I usually start with up to 3 sprays and see how well it works for me. It does the job and for the next round of sex, I use 2 more sprays.

It is a good practice to try the lesser amounts first. If fewer works for you it is advantageous because it means your Promescent spray will last longer.

Thus saving you money.

Overall, how long your Promescent spray works depends on the dosage you use and the volume of the bottle bought.

Since I use a few sprays, I do my normal spraying immediately, without any hesitation. Then when I see the moment for sex has clearly approached, I hurriedly spray one or two. I do it safely and confidently knowing that I am within the advisable range of sprays. I find this kind of preparation convenient and it makes Promescent even more inconspicuous, unlike the Jamaican Stone.

How to Prepare Jamaican Stone and Using It

The reason why I switched to using Promescent is because of the preparation required of the Jamaican Stone before using it. The following is the preparation that is required before using Jamaican Stone:

  • I apply some drops of water onto the surface of the stoneT
  • Then I rub gently in a circular motion on the surface where I have applied drops of water until it turns into a milky colored liquid
  • I then take that resultant liquid and rub it into the sensitive parts of my penis starting with the head of the penis going into the most sensitive nerve endings
  • I usually wait about 10 to 15 minutes after application before I can start having sex with my wife. Try to experiment yourself on how long it takes before you to start feeling the effect as it can take up to 30 minutes for some men
  • Next, I clean with away surplus liquid with a mild soap before I start to engage in sex with my wife
  • I also clean the stone and let it to try before storing it safely. I also like the stone much because it lasts for months before I can acquire another one.

The primary place I order Jamaican Stone is online and it arrives in a discreet package.

I avoid applying too much as it can present an unpleasant burning sensation which takes time to subside even after washing it off thoroughly.


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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