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About Peter and Andrea

Welcome to Peter’s PE Blog – A resource for men to boost their love lives. 

A big hello from the US! My name is Pete, the man behind the scenes, informing you of various ways to increase your sexual satisfaction in your relationship. My wife, Andrea, is here too – helping me write content on new toys, sexual enhancers, supplements and all things sex. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of our past, present and what we hope for the future.

My Past

I grew up in a small town in California, yes there’s such thing. I had a ridiculously normal life, that is of course until I met Andrea during sophomore year at University of California Santa Cruz. Andrea started her life in the Mid-West until she moved out to California seeking a change in lifestyle, quickly finding out that maybe the West Coast it too chill and laid back than what she was looking for. We were good friends for 2.5 years until I finally pulled up my sleeves, gained the confidence and asked Andrea out to dinner.

Generally speaking, I mostly stayed away from relationships because I knew I’d be a disappointment in bed and my confidence was shot. I stuck solely to masturbation for years after my prior girlfriend left me – I have an inkling it was because of my notorious premature ejaculation. Guys … I couldn’t last in bed than 1.5 minutes no matter what I tried. At the time, I was ignorant of the many treatment options for premature ejaculation (PE).


After years of continuous experimentation and at home research, I’m here to bring you relevant information you need to know in order to overcome the sexual struggles you’re dealing with. I have a full-time IT job for a medium sized legal firm and this is my hobby (I guess you can call it that). One of my passions is helping people learn! There are many types of sexual dysfunctions and we will try and cover them all here including how to help stop premature ejaculation, overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED) and how to increase low libido.

Not only that, but the blog will act as a review site for many over the counter medicines and prescriptions meant to help with various sexually related issues. Andrea has willingly agreed to help with parts of the reviews so you get opinions from both sides.

For the Future

Peter’s PE Blog was meant to be an open forum for men to read, discuss and make purchasing decisions based on information around the web. There are SO many “snake oil” solutions that do absolutely nothing to improve performance in bed. Some brands go as far as to pack counterfeit, possibly dangerous substances into pills and market them as the best sexual enhancer to date! With each piece of content I write comes hours of research, hands-on testing and scouring the web for other user opinions so you don’t have to.