Edge Delay Gel Review—My Honest Opinion

Edge delay gel

Welcome to my Edge delay gel review. I have quite a bit to say about this product that I think you will find interesting. Let’s begin.

Over the years, I have struggled sexually with my wife due to premature ejaculation.

I have tried treating the problem with natural home remedies such as performing pelvic exercises, increasing zinc and magnesium intake, wearing condoms to reduce sensation and masturbating two hours before sex.

 I even tried adjusting my diet into a healthy diet food rich in Calcium, copper, manganese, and Selenium.

Sadly, the methods did not work for me, and as a result, I shied away from sex.

My wife was not happy at all, and this problem almost ruined my marriage until I sought medical help, and my doctor recommended me to try using male desensitizers.

After doing some research online, I stumbled across Edge delay gel.

My Edge Delay Gel Review

edge delay gel review

I admit that Edge Delay Gel is a potent premature ejaculation remedy. The product has gained popularity globally among men suffering from premature ejaculation problems.

It is available to ship to The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia, where it originally comes from.

During sex with my wife, I lasted more than ten minutes, and my wife achieved several orgasms. The gel did help with my premature ejaculation problem.

The Zeal of Edge Delay Gel

I use Edge Delay Gel as a natural treatment for my premature ejaculation problem. It has helped my premature ejaculation problem and brought happiness and pleasure back in my bedroom.

 I find the gel easy to use as I apply a small amount of it on my fingertip, then massage it gently on my penis head and wait for 30 minutes for it to dry.

After it dries up, it gives me a tingling sensation that gets me into the sexual mood. I love that I last longer, allowing my wife to orgasm as many times as she can, and the thrusts are strong enough, taking us to a higher sexual climax.

Amazingly, my wife gave me oral sex while I was wearing the gel. It is a cool product since it consists of natural ingredients with zero chemicals and minimal side effects.

My Experience with Edge gel

It leaves no greasy remnants and stains on her mouth; neither does it have taste or odor. Our hands, bed sheets and body stay clean throughout our intercourse.

Furthermore, the gel tube is of a perfect size that fits easily in my pockets, enabling me to carry it along wherever I go.

Although Edge Delay Gel serves me right, it takes too long, about 90 minutes, to take full effect on my penis nerves after applying it.

It is not something I can use when I need a quick quickie. I have to take more than an hour to prepare myself for sex, which is sometimes a turn off for my wife.

Due to these reasons, I prefer an alternative product called Promescent which only takes about 10 minutes for the solution to take effect. However, for the sake of being transparent, I also tried the Edge delay spray.

What I Don’t Like About Edge Delay Gel

Now although I have given a slightly positive review of Edge delay gel, I would like to mention that it was not entirely roses and rainbows.

I’ve read many reviews that stated that the bottle came with barely any solution inside. I didn’t necessarily experience this with my tube but I did have an undesirable burning sensation long after I had intercourse.

I’m not sure if I had some sort of allergic reaction to the gel but after about an hour, I felt a slight burning sensation that I think was designed to be pleasant but was not pleasant for me at all.

Edge Delay Spray

edge delay spray review

Although I liked the gel better, Edge Delay Spray is another  product that has helped my premature ejaculation problem and the shame that comes with it.

Today, I am a confident man in bed, and I know that I can sexually satisfy my wife at any time of the day.

The spray consists of natural ingredients that do not cause numbness or alter my sexual sensations or that of my wife. Once I am on it, I can stay longer in the game with much vigor than before.

Unlike the gel, edge delay spray takes only fifteen minutes to dry up and get absorbed into my penis nerves. I do not have to wait for almost two hours to have sex.

It is also safe to use since it consists of natural ingredients that are non-allergic and do not harm my wife or me.

My wife has praised it since it does not feel sticky or oily, and she can hardly notice it when I am wearing it since it is odorless.

How To Use Edge Delay Spray

Edge Delay Spray has been a game-changer for my sexual play, and it has been working better than the gel version. It is simple to use, and the results are exemplary. When my wife and I are in a sexual mood I

  • Grab my spray and hold the nozzle on my penis. I then apply three sprays on my penis head and the areas I find most sensitive. Next I slowly rub it in a circular motion.
  • I wait for fifteen minutes for it to get absorbed and dry. By this time, I start feeling a tingling sensation, and I am aware now that the treatment has gotten into my nerves.

On my first day of using the spray, I lasted a lot longer than I normally would. It was way too strong, and I realized that I had used five sprays.

I also discovered that I could use a condom alongside the spray to protect my wife from transferrence of the spray that others have mentioned was a problem.

Besides protection, the condoms also played a role in prolonging my sex duration, allowing us to enjoy sex even more with more orgasms.

Precautions to take when using Edge Delay Spray

Edge delay spray has so far worked for me, and I have discovered that as long as I follow the manufacturer’s instructions, I get the best results. Here are my tips for application:

  • I use the spray only on my penis head, under the shaft, and only the external sensitive parts,
  • To prevent myself from experiencing too much numbing, leading to loss of sensation, I only apply 4 sprays.
  • Apply it well in advance, at least 90 min or it won’ t work

I have come to love delay sprays compared to other treatments such as gels, creams, and pills. Besides the Edge Delay spray, the next best alternative I recommend is Promescent delay spray.

Promescent Climax Control Spray

promescent delay spray review

As you may already know, I always do extensive research before using a product and then writing a review for you.

Even though I did somewhat enjoy trying the edge gel and spray, ultimately I can still conclude that it is not more enjoyable and effective as Promescent.

Why Promescent Climax Control Spray?

In my Edge delay gel review, I realized that I had to wait upwards of 90 min for the solution to take effect. Also, I cannot forget to mention my undesired slight burning feeling from the gel.

Due to these reasons, I prefer using Promescent Delay Spray. I’ve used Promescent for years and know my exact dosage is around 2-3 sprays.

Plus I’ve never experienced any burning sensation and haven’t had to worry about it numbing my wife.

Furthermore, Promescent is high-quality and does not cause any allergic reactions to my partner or myself. The delay spray gives me ultimate pleasure, and I always see my partner enjoying the sexual moments.

How Promescent Delay Spray Works

The spray contains a unique solution that prolongs my ejaculation. After spraying Promescent, I wait for 7 – 10 minutes for the solution to cover all the essential penis nerves that cause ejaculation.

The most sensitive areas are the underside of the shaft and head of the penis.

The nerves then become desensitized which helps prolong orgasm. As I wait for the 7-10 minutes, I confidently prepare my wife for sex with foreplay.

I feel confident that when I apply Promescent correctly and allow it to fully absorb, my wife will not go numb.

I have realized that I can have sex with my wife using Promescent’s delay spray for about 30 minutes. This is enough for my wife to achieve multiple orgasms.

Who Can Benefit from Promescent?

The spray is designed only for men but both men and women can benefit from using Promescent delay spray.

Men with premature ejaculation can feel confident that they will last much longer than ever before.

Women will benefit because their male partners will last long enough to beat the dreaded arousal gap. This will ultimately. allow her to orgasm before he does.

Promescent climax control spray is a game-changer for men who ejaculate faster than their partners; which is most men in relationships.

How to use Promescent Delay Spray:

  • Start by removing the safety seal from the bottle cap
  • Apply your desired amount of solution to the underside of the shaft and head of the penis. (For me it’s about 2-3sprays, but everyone’s sensitivity is different).
  • Wait approx. 10-12 minutes for the solution to fully absorb into the penis

If you are using the spray for the first time, ensure that you read the instructions carefully to avoid disappointments.


All in all, Edge delay gel and Promescent delay spray have been my lifesavers. I still believe that Promescent is superior to other products, however, Edge delay spray had some of its own benefits.

Since the day I began using desensitizers, my sexual performance improved tremendously, and my partner is happy.

I kill two birds with one stone; that is, I can experience sexual pleasure and give my wife the sexual satisfaction she deserves.


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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