Playboy Delay Wipes Review: Do They Actually Work?

Every guy growing up in their teenage years is familiar with Playboy at some level. From its inception in 1953, the bunny bowtie brand has been around for a long time, from their famous promiscuous magazine to condoms to the iconic t-shirts.

Playboy magazine cover from April 1969
Playboy April 1969 magazine cover

Their magazine finally quit circulation in March 2020 after decades of distribution, but their online presence is a strong one in the sexual sphere.

I was curious about a brand-new product they just launched a few months ago. Enter Playboy Climax Delay Wipes.

Read my review on what I think are the best treatments for lasting longer in bed HERE.

Okay, I know what you’re going to say. “But Peter, you don’t like the wipes.” That’s true, I do prefer a delay spray over the wipes. That said, you also know how I am about trying every PE delay product out there imaginable, and I do it for you guys too.

I want you to know what you’re getting into. Playboy Climax Delay Wipes are so new on the market, I could not find any reviews for them yet. Maybe mine is the first one. If it is, then I guess I’ve made history.

So here we go.

Like other delay wipes, Playboy Climax Delay Wipes are designed to be applied directly to the intimate area and help you last longer in bed. Simply tear the packaging when you’re ready, wipe, and wait. According to Playboy’s directions, you wait about 4 minutes until the solution dries.

The active ingredient in the solution itself is 4% Benzocaine, which is actually not that strong.

The selling point of the Playboy wipe, however, is in its reusability. The company claims you can reuse it throughout the night until the wipe itself is dry, however, I don’t recommend it as the efficacy quickly goes away after first use.

Image of playboy wipes to delay ejaculation.

Here’s How it Went for Me With Playboy Climax Delay Wipes

Don’t want to read my full story? Just check the bullet points below:


  • Wipes are more convenient, but not as effective as Promescent
  • Easy to take on the go, even though not much use for that now
  • Made by Playboy (noticeability of the brand could be bad for some if you’re trying to be discreet)


  • The reusable feature that is claimed is a horrible idea
  • Not that strong compared to delay sprays
  • More expensive on a per-use basis
  • Can’t buy online

I was curious about this new product as soon as it came out, so I planned on testing them during the holidays where I had much-needed time away from work.

I went to Playboy’s website (fair warning guys, it takes a lot of focus to navigate through all of those visuals) and learned that their Climax Delay Wipes are available at Walmart and CVS. It was a little disappointing that I couldn’t order through them directly (at least without a membership anyway), but hey, no big deal. I moved on to the CVS website and found the wipes…only to learn that I was forced to purchase them in the store.

Ahhh come on, no online ordering at all? What gives, we’re in a pandemic here!

An in-store only purchase doesn’t make sense for delay wipes, unless they’re an impulse buy like they’re going out of style, which I guess that’s a possibility if you’re stuck at home with nothing else to do. But if that’s the case, how come I can still order my regular delay spray online like I usually do?

Oh well, maybe Playboy does not have the supply yet being so new and all.

I’ve learned from past experiences that it doesn’t take much for the benzocaine to numb my fingers (and maybe that’s why my wife volunteered). These days I’m more careful about handling them, and the same is true for the Playboy wipes.

Technically speaking, the application went pretty well. Thanks to my routine practice with delay sprays, I’m accustomed to waiting for the solution to dry.

It didn’t take long, and we continued the fun. I figured that the desensitizing effect would last about as long as the other wipes, and I was right – about 20 minutes.

That’s where the real test began – I tried reapplying it with the same wipe… and it was indeed still wet. But 10 minutes in after our “half-time” reprieve, it started to numb me in certain spots and not enough on other areas. Not a big deal, but also not really desirable. It was kind of uncomfortable and “meh.”

Promescent: a Dependable Go-To

There’s a reason why Promescent Delay Spray is my go-to for dependability and comfort, and after this year we need it now more than ever.

Promescent uses lidocaine as the active ingredient, which is an anesthetic in the same family as benzocaine – and it is more effective in my opinion. That’s a good thing for me because the dosage is per spray, which means I have better control over how much I need to use for that day.

I also like the convenience of ordering Promescent.

You can order it straight online via a one-time purchase or a flexible monthly service, and it comes in discreet packaging too when it arrives.

If you find that you could use some in a spur of the moment situation, it can also be simple to find at a Target.

So How Does Promescent Compare to Playboy?

Playboy Climax Delay Wipes are okay in their own right. They can make together time with your significant other a lot of fun.

Promescent, on the other hand, is much easier to get a hold of since I can order it online without having to bug anyone, and I can get it in the store if I’m already shopping there.

Promescent has a slightly longer time until it dries – about 10 minutes – but it’s well worth it in the end. I have better-staying power for at least 45 minutes, and we can finish whenever we want to without feeling like we have to run a marathon.

The Final Verdict

I’m growing an acquired appreciation for delay wipes thanks to my venture with Playboy Climax Delaying Wipes.

I have better control over them when it comes to numbing my fingers, and I like the idea of convinience. Improvements are to be desired, however.

At the end of the day, I’m gonna have to say that Promescent remains to be my preference. I have better control with the Promescent delay spray, it’s more comfortable, and it’s easy to get a hold of whenever I need some.

I don’t even have to leave the house with their online ordering, so I can proceed confidently with Andrea knowing that we’re safe and sound at home.


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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