Alcohol and Premature Ejaculation – Does it Help?

A wise man once said – alcohol removes all inhibitions. And, how true he was in saying so!

In today’s post, however, we are not going to talk about inhibitions. We are talking about something that is beyond those inhibitions. We are going to talk about two things which are associated with pleasure – alcohol and sex. Does drinking alcohol help you last longer in bed?

So without wasting too much time building the plot for this post, let’s get straight to the point –

Does Alcohol Make You Last Longer in Bed?

You might have heard stories about people using alcohol to delay their ejaculation. But does it really work? Is there any proven study to show this or is it just a hoax?

Well, certainly there are some studies that are in favor of this. Let us have a look at them first

Being Drunk is Similar to Being in Love – for our Brain

According to one of the recent studies published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews concluded that the feeling of love and being drunk is pretty much the same thing for our brain.

In the words of one of the researches involved in the study, “We thought it was an area worth exploring, so we pooled existing research into the effects of both oxytocin and alcohol and were struck by the incredible similarities between the hormone oxytocin and alcohol.”

It is worth mentioning here that oxytocin produces a hormone that makes you feel happy, invincible, and eventually, your body will become highly addicted to the sensation.

Alcohol Leads to Better Relationships

One of the studies published in The Journals of Gerontology stated “the happiness of couples was directly proportional to their drinking habits.” Couples that drink together sociably tend to have closer relationships – maybe one factor leading to this is that the memories you create (or lose) when being intoxicated can be more exciting than when sober. You tend to do, say and act on things you may not have while sober. So, one can say that couples that drink together stay together!

On the contrary, couples with opposite drinking habits are more dissatisfied with their partner. If your partner doesn’t drink and you do he/she may just get fed up with your druken shenanigans.

Relief from PE (Premature Ejaculation)

There is plenty of research that has been conducted on understanding the impact of alcohol on sexual performance of men. And, many of these studies suggested that alcohol does make a positive impact on delaying ejaculation. While I would never recommend turning to alcohol to solely last longer in bed it does work. There are plenty of other solutions to delay ejaculation other than alcohol on a regular basis that you should experiment with instead.

Men, like me, who face premature ejaculation can have a few drinks to delay ejaculation, but this should not be a long-term fix. I recall once in my college days taking a past girlfriend out on a date. I was soo nervous because I knew of my early ejaculation issue and if the date eventually led to me taking her home I knew I would be embarrassed. We went out for sushi and had a few too many sake bombs. One thing led to another and we eventually landed up at my place – when the time came to ‘start’ I was so wasted that I couldn’t even get an erection. To say the least, it was even more embarrassing than my PE issue. It goes to show you are trading off impotency for a possible short term solution when flirting with too much alcohol and engaging in sexual activities.

If you dial back to only 2-4 drinks you do see improvements. However, be careful when experimenting with drinking alcohol to cure early ejaculation as it could lead to something worse than what it usually would.

There’s some good news if you’re set on having a few drinks to help you last longer in bed. A study posted on The Huffington Post recommended alcohol as a potent treatment for increasing ejaculatory timing.

Alcohol Can Reduce your Chances of Erectile Dysfunction (In Moderation)

In one study published in 2009, scientists found that men who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol showed a reduction of erectile problems by 30% when compared to people who did not drink. Although there are no clear-cut findings as to how it works, it is for sure that alcohol does play a role in lowering your chances of having erections issues later down the road.

Alcohol Reduces Sensitivity in the Penis and Body

While alcohol seems like a miracle drug that can quickly get rid of premature ejaculation, don’t get too excited because alcohol is not the long-term solution. The reason behind this is simple – alcohol works directly on the brain, reducing the sensitivity to all nerves and cause other negative long-term health effects. Here’s why it is harmful in long run –

It Shuts Down the Immune System

Alcohol works on the body by slowing down the immune system. When people consume alcohol on a regular basis the immune system weakens. You have a higher likely hood of getting the flu, a cold or other disease. Long-term effects of a lowered immune system due to alcohol consumption far outweigh the few extra minutes you may last in bed. There are lot better solutions with FDA clearance that work just as well and in some cases better.

Alcohol Can Effect Your Erection

Alcohol is, not only bad for the neuronal health but at the same time also makes it impossible for you to reach the state of orgasm and sometimes you can totally lose control of gaining and maintaining an erection – better known as whiskey dick! Another negative impact of alcohol which drinkers face in the long the slowing down of the neuronal response and reaction time. You can get really sloppy and your partner may not even enjoy what you have to offer when your drunk. It’s not about size, rather the ‘motion of the ocean’. I can speak from previous experience… when drunk there is no fluid motion – everything just ends up being a hot mess.

Reduced Control

One of the most potent harms of consuming alcohol is that it makes the person lose control over the body and mind. Alcohol drinkers show more violent behavior during sex, trying to do things which are riskier during the sexual act. In short, alcohol makes you react unusually and hence sex becomes more of a risk game, then something worth enjoying.

Health Damages

Last, but not the least, a thing worth mentioning here is that alcohol has long-term negative effects on health. These include increased blood sugar level, weight gain, increased risk of heart diseases and more. All these health-related problems can eventually impact negatively on your sexual drive and performance.

All this paints a clear picture of the fact that men using alcohol to delay ejaculation in new relationships, might be pretty excited with the results they are getting. But it works only in the shorter run to increase the pleasure. In the long run, it has more cons than pros and it should not be a long-term solution.


From all the material available out there, it is still quite inconclusive to state whether alcohol has a profound effect on helping you become better in bed. On one side, there are short-term positive effects like a boost in performance, delayed ejaculation, and more. At the same time, there are long-term negative impacts on health, physical as well as neuronal.

I would suggest that if done in a controlled manner, drinking alcohol can be used as an additional tool to enhance your performance in bed every once in a while. But relying on it every time you go to the bed with your partner cannot be considered a smart idea for your health, your partner and your sexual prowess – you can’t be drunk every time you have sex.


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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