Refractory Period: How to Shorten It

Google the term refractory period and you will find this as the first result – ‘a period immediately following stimulation during which a nerve or muscle is unresponsive to further stimulation.

When we talk in terms of sexual interaction between a male and a female, the refractory period is defined as the male body takes to recover to a normal state after reaching the state of excitement or as they say ‘ORGASM’.

Refractory Period

In strict technical language, “the refractory period is usually the recovery phase after orgasm during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have additional orgasms.”

The consequence of the refractory period is that during this period the male sexual organ does not get stimulated. In simple term, the male partner does not get aroused. This is because of the inability of the muscles to get stimulated. The reason behind this is fairly simple – the muscles require time to come back to their normal state after a phase of getting stimulated or excited.

Once the period is over, the male can come back to his normal state of getting aroused. If you experience longer refractory times, usually in older adults, you can look to sexual enhancers to slow down your time to climax.

How Long is the Refractory Period?

The most common question that people ask when they come to know about the refractory period is – how long does it take to come to the normal state for a male?

The clear answer to this question is that it varies. Every man has a different body type and musculature. Hence the ability of the muscles to come back to their normal state varies from person to person.

The refractory period for a normal healthy male is generally presumed to be somewhere around thirty minutes, but it can vary depending upon his physical structure, lifestyle and many other similar factors.

Can the Refractory Period be Shortened?

Another common question that has always been a topic of discussion amongst men is ‘how can shorten their refractory period?’

Well, there are two schools of thoughts in this regard. The first school of thought says that there is nothing that an individual can do about it as it is a natural phenomenon. The second one says that there are ways to bring down the refractory period.

We will be discussing the latter here. So, let us take a look at some natural ways that have proven to be effective in bringing down the refractory period in men –

Erection Strengthening Exercises

These include:

  • Basic Kegel exercises such as pelvic floor exercises
  • Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking to improve cardiovascular health

Sexual Enhancement Techniques

The refractory period is all about getting your libido back, or not losing it in the first place until your partner is completely satisfied. And, in order to achieve this, there are some simple things you can use or practice with your partner. These include:

  • Perk up the ambiance for better romance
  • De-stress before engaging in sex
  • Using sexual enhancement products like a penis sleeve or Promescent delay spray. See more here.

Practice Multiple Orgasm Technique

Another powerful technique that has been shown to bring great results in bringing down the refractory period is the multiple orgasm technique. As part of this technique, the male can strengthen his PC muscles and can easily hold back ejaculation for longer durations.

The reason behind this technique being an effective way to bring down the refractory period is that ejaculation is the cause that brings down the refectory period. If you don’t ejaculate, you don’t have to face the refractory period. In simpler words, eliminate ejaculation to eliminate the refractory period.

It does not Have Anything to do with Reaching Orgasm

A big misconception that people generally have is the refractory period is related to the state of reaching an orgasm.  However, the scientific reality is that the two are unrelated.

Orgasm is the state of reaching peak pleasure, whereas the refractory period is all about the muscles reaching their heightened stimulation state. This heightened stimulation comes when the male ejaculates. You can reach orgasm multiple times without ejaculating. You don’t really have to compromise with your orgasm state by increasing your ejaculation time.

Some other things that you can do

Apart from these simple techniques, there are plenty of other simple activities that you can employ in order to increase your libido and bring down the refractory period. These can include:

  • boosting the testosterone levels either naturally or using drugs/medication for the same
  • changing your diet
  • de-stressing and changing your sleep patterns to keep your body more relaxed


To sum it up, it is worth mentioning here that the refractory period is a completely natural phenomenon. The irony is that it can vary from merely 15 minutes for one person to 24 hours for another person. At the same time, there are others who can achieve multiple orgasms without having to worry about the refractory periods.

And as already discussed the refractory period for a person depends upon many factors including their lifestyle habits, physical conditions, mental condition and a lot more.

If you are worried about your performance in the bed simply because you are unable to achieve multiple orgasms or have to wait for long to become sexually active after an orgasm (or should we say ejaculation), then there is nothing to worry about.

You can simply employ the tips mentioned above in your lifestyle, and with time you are certainly going to see a boost in your libido as well as sexual performance as well. So, are you ready to give these tips a try?

If yes, then go ahead and start practicing right away! After all, who does not want to boost their performance in bed and enjoy a happy sexual life without having to worry about multiple orgasms and other performance related problems?


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

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