Marijuana and Premature Ejaculation

Sex is just flat-out better when high.  It is for me.  It is for Andrea.  Also for my friends who consume cannabis.  But you’re not reading this blog to learn about that.  You’re here to learn about premature ejaculation.  I personally haven’t discovered much difference in how long I last while high vs. not.  But I’m only one person so I thought I would do some research and pass it on.

So I searched “marijuana and premature ejaculation” as well as related searches.   Here’s what I found:

There’s only one formal study of marijuana and sex that includes discussions of marijuana and PE.  This study was done in Australia looking a sexual performance of  8,656 men and women.  Every article that’s not just heresy about the PE and marijuana (and other sexual issues) points to this single study.   The results are VERY STRANGE and, in my opinion, very suspect.

Comparing men who smoke marijuana daily:

  • Inability to reach orgasm:  3.94 times greater
  • Reaching orgasm too quickly:  2.68 times greater
  • Reaching orgasm too slowly:  2.05 times greater

The only thing that this study tells me, if accurate, is that men react differently to marijuana when it comes to marijuana.  And, frankly, I don’t trust this study.   I have done quite a bit of research on PE and I’ve never heard of a drug that makes some men last longer and other last shorter.

It makes no sense practically, either.  Consider this:

  • If this data were true, you’d hear a lot more discussion about it – from bloggers of both sex and marijuana topics.
  • Guys with PE would be smoking weed to see if he were one of the lucky ones to last longer
  • Guys that couldn’t reach orgasm or reached orgasm too quickly would put a big dent in the marijuana market (which seems to be growing rapidly).

I just don’t buy the results of this study.  With the legalization of marijuana in US, use will continue to rise and hopefully we’ll see more informal studies and discussion on marijuana and male sexual performance in the coming years.

Time Slows Down

Many people report having sex longer when using marijuana. Because of a well-known effect of marijuana is the perception that time slows down, many of the people reporting that sex lasted longer is simply that they perceived it lasted longer.


My name is Peter, I’m 32 years old. I struggle with PE. I have created this website so I can post updates on my quest finding a cure to my premature ejaculation problem. Click on About Me on the top toolbar to find out more about me :)

  1. I’m a very heavy (very) long time cannabis user. i started smoking regularly at age 15, which is quite a while before i had sex for the first time and longer before i had my first girlfriend (age 19). i always had problems with PE and continued smoking cannabis for the past 14 years.
    i can confirm that, in my case at least, that in a brief period of time (about 5-6 months) when i quit smoking cannabis that i could last longer and my PE wasn’t a problem anymore. when I smoked cannabis once after that and i had sex i didn’t suffer from PE and sex plus orgasm was out of this world. as soon as i started to smoke regularly again, PE would come creeping back…

  2. I am one of the lucky ones…
    When I smoke I can last anywhere from 5-15 mins and I am a lot more in control ofy ability to reach climax. When I do not smoke I reach climax in the matter of a minute and it is very disappointing.

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