One Reason Men Are Not Able To Shoot Their Ejaculate

The best way to increase the intensity of your orgasm, and shoot further, is to have longer stimulation before you ejaculate.  If you’re masturbating, this is easy.  But if you’re having intercourse, you may want to use a desensitizing spray which will allow you to last longer.  These products are used for men with premature ejaculation but you can use them for simply lasting a long time and building up a HUGE orgasm.   Here are the best desensitizing sprays.

Why Don’t You Shoot Your Ejaculate?

There are two reasons most men don’t naturally shoot their ejaculate. Ill discuss one of those reasons in this article.The first reason is because of the type of stimulation most men use to achieve orgasm. A man has two primary approaches to stimulating himself to orgasm. The first, and most common approach, is focused on prostate stimulation. The concept of pounding a woman during intercourse is nothing more than a man stimulating his prostrate. The second approach to stimulation is focused on penis-head stimulation. When a man is engaged in sexual intercourse, these two types of stimulation are usually blended together resulting in maximum pleasure. (This accounts for why most men are interested in intercourse over masturbation.)When masturbating, the vast majority of men achieve orgasm primarily from prostate stimulation even though most of them don’t directly stimulate their prostrate. What happens, is that as men stroke their penis shaft and/or their penis head, the majority of them either hit the base of their penis with their hand or they bend their penis, or they jerk on their penis as they stroke, all of which indirectly stimulate the prostate.

This leads to an orgasm that is based primarily on prostate stimulation.Early in a mans sexual life, he will typically learn a given set of techniques that will bring him to orgasm. From then on, for the most part, he will use the same approach for the rest of his life. For most men, masturbating in a way that stimulates the prostate is initially more pleasurable and generally leads to orgasm more quickly which explains why the majority of men initially learn to reach orgasm based on prostrate-based stimulation as young men trying to figure it all out, they are trying to reach orgasm before someone catches them or starts wondering whats going on. And, because most men will tend to use the same technique they learned early on, few will ever experiment with other options.To prove the sensitivity of prostrate stimulation, try pounding your woman during your next intercourse session (where your pelvic area the area surrounding the base of your penis is solidly hitting her body but don’t hurt her doggy style is a good position for this test) and see how quickly you start to feel those orgasmic feelings climbing.

Then, continue stroking her but do not allow your pelvic area to hit her and notice that the orgasmic feelings either stop climbing or they may even subside slightly.Now, the reason all of this is important is because there is a significant side-effect with a prostate-induced orgasm. When orgasm is achieved through prostrate-based stimulation, the prostrate is so sensitive from the stimulation that the contractions that occur in order to expel semen (called the expulsion stage) are severely hampered. As a point of comparison, its like tickling a ticklish person until they inadvertently urinate. They lose the control they normally have over their body functions because of the over-stimulation they feel from the tickling. In the same way as the tickling analogy, when orgasm is reached by prostrate-based stimulation, your body is hampered in its ability to ejaculate because of the extent of stimulation.If you would like to see this hampering effect in full force, have your woman masturbate your penis and simultaneously finger your rectum.

As she fingers your rectum, she should focus her anal rubbing motions on the area that is between her finger(s) and your penis (which is where the prostrate is located). While an orgasm in this fashion is very pleasurable, you will find that when you orgasm, you will have virtually no control over your ejaculation and your sperm will ooze and dribble out of you with even less force than you are used to. (In the absence of your woman, you can use a vibrator for the same effect.)


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  1. LOL, was not surprised this was written by a woman with how clueless the author seemed in regards to male masturbation.

    1. Thank you for the pleasant heads up on my misspelling. Hope you still found some value from the article as a whole.

  2. The other reasoning is that if you are taking pills for an enlarged prostate like I have since 2014 all I can have is pre-cum.I do feel like I’m cumming,but it’s no where near it was before I was taking the prostate pills.I miss shooting off my cum.Before 2014,I was shooting my cum on my upper chest and it was alot

  3. Only on 3 occasions in my whole life i managed to shoot sperm when mastuberating and with such great force they happened….3 meters away. This was between 20 and 22 years of age.
    I never managed to shoot again and it comes out weakly even when I’m with women.
    Is this a sign of infertility ? I am 54 years old now and still enjoy sex.

  4. Hmm i dont think this applies to all. I have explosive prostate based orgasms daily and can shoot even after one or two times. I am able to hold my ejaculation for about 5-10 seconds after orgasm already taking place….Once released regardless of volume i shoot something . Maybe i am lucky? Lol

  5. I find if the partner (woman in my case) holds just the right pressure on the penis while my orgasm, I can shoot quite a distance. I shot her in her eye and we were both quite amused, but, it did leave us to experiment. buildup is important. she was a master at bringing me to the brink and knew exactly when to stop. in fact, she could get it
    so close to where a few drops of cum would actually come out. she would then use that as lubricant and bring me to super intense Os.
    If she squeezed more or not enough, I did not shoot as much or not at all. but once she knew the amount of pressure to squeeze (not much but just enough) she had me shooting off like a fountain.
    I’d give anything to find a sexual partner like her again. in the same way, she would teach me how to bring her to her most intense orgasm. once I got the hang of it (there were different ways depending on her “mood” or preference) I could bring her to shuddering orgasm to the point where she begged me to stop. then I’d give her one more final big one which would usually send her off to sleep in my arms.
    still looking for another woman to experience this with again.

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