Stud100 Review – You Get What You Pay For

Hi Guys.  So, I’ll share our experience with Stud100, a very popular delay spray. I have been quite happy with Promescent (read about that test here), but anyone who has bought it knows it’s not the cheapest product out there. While me and Andrea are both enjoying sex so much more these days thanks to Promescent, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to try something else. Also, I was secretly hoping that maybe my problem has improved a little on its own since we’ve been making love regularly and I was no longer feeling nervous or worried about whether or not it will work.

stud100 review

So, we started looking around for cheaper alternatives and found Stud100 (official site here). This spray has been on the market for men like me for years now and most of the reviews we saw were positive. Also, since it was to be used in a similar way than Promescent, we though it looked promising. And when we saw the price, we decided to order a bottle.

For my surprise it was sold in many online pharmacies, so I chose one that promised 3 day shipping to Germany. I got a twin pack for around €10. In three days, it arrived to our doorstep in a plain white package, with no hint about what was inside. We hadn’t had sex for couple of days so we were both quite existed about this arrival.

Finally, after washing up after dinner we went to the bedroom. I took the spray and according to directions which said 3 to 8 sprays were needed, chose 5 as I wanted to make sure it would work well. We did, like we usually do with Promescent, Andrea helping me rub the liquid in (make sure to wash hands after rubbing it in!). However, this time we noticed something different, seemed like it didn’t absorb very well. We dismissed it at first, it was a different product after all.

Everything went well and I didn’t feel any different than usual. However, when it came to the actual intercourse part, something was not right. I didn’t feel the usual excitement and even felt kind of numb, something what hasn’t been a problem really with Promescent. I did last for quite some time, but we both felt that something was missing. Even Andrea complained about not having the same sensations as usually, so the formula must have transferred on to her as well.

We both agreed that next time we will only use 2 sprays as we really wanted to see if it made a difference. So we tried again the next day. Unfortunately, that was a bit disappointing as well. While Andrea said she was fine and now she couldn’t feel any loss of sensitivity, I didn’t feel any either. That means that I came way too early for my liking, something that hasn’t happened to me in a while now. I recon the dose was too small this time.

Well, as you can guess, we weren’t too impressed with Stud100 and although it may work great for some guys, it didn’t work for us. Even though Promescent is a more expensive product, it has given us a normal sex life and we will keep on using this spray. It absorbs quickly, has no effect on Andrea and makes me last longer, can’t really complain…

As usual, please share your experience with Stud100 and let me know if I did something wrong or is there really such a massive difference between Stud100 and Promescent.

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