Promescent – CVS Availability

Let me save you the effort.  You cannot buy Promescent at CVS.  If you want to purchase at a big chain store, go to Target.  There are a number of independent pharmacies and sex shops that sell Promescent.    Here’s a link:    Stores that Carry Promescent

Of course, you can purchase it on the Promescent Website.  That’s where I buy it.  Packaging is discreet but I understand that some people just prefer to go to a store or may be not have a credit card.

This blog used to get almost zero traffic.  Then I posted my review of Promescent in early 2013 and my traffic took off as people were looking for feedback about Promescent.   I have much more diversified content about premature ejaculation and my traffic is also much more diversified.  Nevertheless, visitors continue to visit my premature ejaculation blog looking for information about Promescent so i thought I would provide it (and maybe get a little more traffic as well).


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