My First Experience with Promescent

(If you are looking for Promescent official website then click on this link, otherwise just carry on reading, I hope you find it interesting)

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but my life has been really busy lately.  I thought it was about time for an update because I have a lot to report on my PE treatment progress.

So it was getting near Valentine’s Day and I was starting to panic.  I mean if you can’t please your wife on Valentine’s, then things are not going well.  I found this video on romance and sex, and the lady sex expert really knew what she was talking about and mentioned a product called Promescent (this is their website that sounded like a very promising way to control PE and last a lot longer than my usual thirty seconds in bed.

So I checked out their website and saw that the topical numbing spray was FDA approved and endorsed by physicians. Basically it’s a desensitizing spray you can spray on your penis and then rub it in. Dr Oz has talked about it as well on his show where he described it as a gel but that was a mistake as it’s a spray.

promescent orderThen I checked out online reviews to see what people thought of Promescent.  The reviews were mostly positive, so I ordered myself a bottle.  I was hoping to give my wife the best Valentine’s gift she had ever gotten, but my years of struggling with PE had me a little worried that the Promescent wouldn’t work out.

I was hoping to get my order fairly quickly, because I was eager to try it out in combination with what I’d learned from the Ejaculation Trainer manual.  After checking the mail for two weeks straight the package finally showed up about a week ago.  I guess it took so long because I live in Germany, but at least I could finally put it to the test. It was nicely packaged in a brown box with just my name on it so no embarrassment with the postman.

I talked to Andrea about trying out the Promescent and she was very excited.  After reading about some users’ experiences with the spray I figured I should use 2 sprays instead of the recommended 3-5, because people complained about too much numbness.  The experts from their site say that the higher number of sprays is for people suffering from severe PE, and I consider my own condition to be bad, but not quite severe.

The night arrived, so I followed the directions and used 2 sprays half an hour before sex, getting Andrea to rub it in.  The smell of the spray is not great, but it wasn’t too bad either, and I think it disappeared after few minutes once it was rubbed in. I ignored it anyway because I was so excited about the events to come.  I noticed a slight tingling sensation, but other than that I didn’t notice any difference to this point.  We sat on the couch and started some heavy petting.  I was very nervous because of how quickly things were progressing, but at the same time I was hopeful.

The moment came and I can’t say it was incredible, but Andrea was incredibly excited about it.  There was a slight loss of sensation that really helped me control my orgasm.  I lasted around 5 minutes and she had her first orgasm from penetration in about three years, which is something I thought would never happen again.  We’ve also had sex 3 times in the last 7 days.  This is also very unusual for us.  We didn’t even have this much sex when we first met!

So things are looking up as far as my romantic life goes.  The spray is working well for me, so I’m going to continue to use it until I figure out a more permanent solution to my PE.  I’m willing to do anything as long as Andrea’s satisfied!

My final word on Promescent is that it might not be right for everyone, but it definitely works.  If you can get past the slight smell and the need to plan sex instead of being spontaneous, then it is the perfect way to last longer until you come up with a better way to overcome your premature ejaculation problem.

If you want to buy Promescent then click on the link below, it will take you straight to the official website so you know you will be getting the real thing:

Promescent comes in 2 different sizes, trial bottle and a full size standard bottle. First time I ordered I went for the normal size bottle and I’m glad I did. But if you want to try the stuff first then order that small bottle, trial size (although international shipping is probably going to cost more than the bottle itself, that’s if you are outside of North America).

For authentic product and discreet worldwide shipping click here:

Good luck!


Update. I have received loads of emails from you guys asking where you can buy it in Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, in Europe and South Africa. As far as I know you can order it online via the link above, not sure if it’s in your local pharmacy or not…hope that helps.

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My First Experience with Promescent 9 out of 10 based on 6 ratings.


  1. Geoff Andersen says

    I have used both The Ejaculation Trainer and Promescent, too, and my experience was similar. Promescent was just what I needed to last longer. It provides just enough staying power so that my wife is satisfied. We were concerned that it might cause me or her to loose too much sensation, but it does not as long as I use the proper amount. Usually two sprays is enough.

    I saw Dr. Laura Berman talk about Promescent on SexRx with Dr. Manny Alvarez. She said it was different from other desensitizing products because of how well it is absorbed by the skin.

  2. Mark says

    thanks for the promescent delay spray review, difficult to know these days which reviews to believe and where to buy promescent so thanks for the link too. will try the trial pack as you suggested first, and hopefully we can have some fun once again.

  3. Jerry Guidoini says

    I read your blog about a month ago and noticed Promescent, sounded interesting but did not order any. 2 weeks ago I am waiting for my dentist appointment and there is an Esquire magazine with an article on Promescent. So I thought it was worth a try and ordered a bottle online.4 days later it arrives and I tried it that very night and was pleasantly surprised. Since then I have decreased the amount I use and now it is awesome. Thanks for reviewing it, if I had not already seen it here I might not have ordered it when I saw it there.

  4. Michael Smith says

    Great blog Peter,
    I also have had to deal with the issue of trying to satisfy my wife while dealing with PE. I also tried out different books and techniques, but nothing was really helping out my situation. After reading your blog I decided that I should try out Promescent as well. It really worked for me and I was able to last twice as long as I did before, and was able to give my wife an orgasm. For someone who deals with PE like us that feeling of satisfying your loved one not only gives you comfort in the bed room, but it also transcends into your relationship as a whole. She is much happier after, and my confidence is much higher.

    • Peter says

      Hi Michael.

      Thanks for your comment. Always nice to read other promescent user reviews as well. Could you maybe let us know how many sprays have you been using now before having sex? 2 works for me, is it the same with you or do you need more?

      Thanks, Peter

  5. Clyde Bultman says

    I discovered Promescent on Playboy radio and have use di u for over 6 months with great results. I used SSRI’s and hated them and the other topical products are horrible. The stuff is inexpensive, easy to use , and hey appear to be no side effects. My only question is why it isn’t more readily available? I used to have to order it online but recently a drugstore near me started carrying it.

    • Peter says

      Hi Clyde. Thanks for your comment, and happy to hear it has worked for you as well.

      I’m not sure how long Promescent has been available at all and as with so many products these days they will be available online first, and after gaining popularity, and support by urologists in Promescents’ case as well, they will become more readily available from your local drugstore. Another thing is that PE is something we wouldn’t want to announce to the world when buying it offline, so ordering it online will be the more convenient way for most of us for the times ahead.

      Good luck!

  6. Mark says

    I just found your blog and am finding it really helpful. Thanks. I have used a product called Stud100 which helps me last longer. It works in the same way but there is transference of the lidocaine to my wife, which isn’t good at all. The Promescent website compares itself to Stud100 and claims that it eliminates the transference. What is your experience?

    • Peter says

      Hi Mark

      Thanks for checking out my blog and happy you found some useful stuff from here. I have to agree with Promescent here. I’ve used between 1 and 3 sprays now before sex (2 seems to work best for me) but even when I had 3 sprays there was no transference what so ever. If I’m right then Promescent uses some kinda different technology what goes into the skin so your partner won’t feel it at all.

      Best wishes, Peter

  7. Amr Hosny says

    Dears, I got excited about the positive reviews on Promeacent and I tried ordering it from the official Promescent website however I noticed that orders are limited to US and Canada. I live in the Netherlands. Any ideas on how to order this spray ? Thanks Amr

    • Peter says

      Hi Amr

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I ordered to Germany couple of months back and didn’t have any problems. I’ll try to get in touch with them and see what they say about. I’ll post the answer here, so please check back in the next few days.

  8. d.l. says

    haven;t tryed it yet they say 3-5 days shipping and now im told 2 weeks what a bunch of ass holes i should sue for false advertisement

    • Peter says

      Not sure how things work in America, but do you really feel like taking someone to the court cause delivery takes an extra week? I know we are all frustrated cause of PE but wait for your first delivery and I hope it will make you feel better.


  9. Brian says

    Thanks for the blog, helped my decision to try Promescent easier. Used it last night and it was a succes. I lasted longer than I had in a couple years, my wife was very pleased. Glad I took the chance on this product.

    • Peter says

      Hi John

      Thanks for getting in touch. No, no need to use a condom. Promescent has this system built in that it absorbs really well, unlike any other desensitizing spray or cream (as far as I know). I guess that’s the reason why it’s more expensive than others but even with this price I have to say I prefer it to others.


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