I’ve tried many but have only found two that I would consider using regularly – Promescent and Fortacin (formerly PSD502).  Each of these products help me last longer, maintain very good sensation, don’t affect Andrea’s sexual experience and have resulted in better orgasms for me (and Andrea also).  After these two, all the others are basically the same with small variations.  In fact, so much so that it’s not even worth doing individual analysis of each of them.  They all help you last longer. But they reduce my sensation, affect Andrea’s sexual experience and the orgasms for me and Andrea are just not as intense.

I think everyone who reads this blog knows I use Promescent.  I’m perfectly happy using it for the rest of but you never know what new technology comes along.  During 2014 and 2015, I tried some other sprays and creams but never wrote about them because I didn’t like them at all. I found them all to be what many people call them – “numbing sprays”.  So I actually decided to stop trying these cheap sprays.  However, two new, more expensive premature ejaculation sprays came on the market recently.  K-Y Duration and Fortacin (not available in the U.S. but I was able to get it from the UK).  I put Fortacin in a class with Promescent as one of my recommended sprays.   For me (and for Andrea), K-Y Duration is just a more expensive “numbing spray”.


Group One – My Recommended PE Sprays


#1       Promescent

Promescent is the first delay spray I ever tried way back in early 2013 and it’s still the best, in my opinion.  New ones come out and they make great claims about how long you can last.  It turns out that all these delay sprays will help you last longer.  That’s the easy part.  Desensitizing the penis is not difficult with lidocaine or benzocaine, the two most popular anesthetics.  What Promescent does better than all the others can do is allow you to maintain sexual sensation in your penis. Of course, you’ll lose a little bit of sensation – if not, the product wouldn’t work!!   But penetration still feels so good without fear of premature ejaculation.  And I’ve had my most intense orgasms with Promescent – those back-breaking ones!!

Control:  10         Sensation:  9      Erection:   9       Wife Pleasure:  9      My Orgasm Intensity:  10

Notes on scores:   If something better comes along, I suppose I’ll have to downgrade these two 10 scores to 9s, but, for now, my wife’s pleasure and my orgasm intensity are better than I would have ever believed so I’m standing behind those 10 scores until proven different.


#2       Fortacin / PSD502

Note:   Fortacin is not available in the U.S.

Fortacin is similar to Promescent.  I was curious why so I did a little study on their formula and learned that both products have a eutectic formula which allows absorption of the anesthetic.  I don’t really understand it but all I know is that you get better control, better sensation, no transference to your partner and, for me, better overall sexual pleasure including an orgasm that you can feel in your penis and through your whole body.   I still like Promescent a bit better.

Control:  9           Sensation:  8     Erection:  8    Wife Pleasure:  9      My Orgasm Intensity:  9


Group Two – The Penis Numbing Sprays


These are the ones I have tried in no special order.

Stud100, K-Y Duration, Shibari Triton, Mandelay, Doc Johnson (actually a cream)

I call them “numbing sprays” because that’s pretty much what they all do – numb you.  Definitely last longer.   But way too much decrease in sensation; my erections aren’t quite as strong (feels that way), Andrea loses sexual pleasure, also;  and my orgasms aren’t as intense.

There’s no use discussing them individually.  They’re basically all the same.

Control:  7           My sensation:  3     Erection:  7     Wife Pleasure:  5      My Orgasm Intensity:  6


About my scoring system and some definitions:

Control:               Control has three components.   1. How well I’m able to control my thrusting during intercourse without ejaculating prematurely. Can I thrust heavily for long periods of time?   2. How well I’m able to finish when it’s time.  With some of these products, I haven’t been able to finish. Very disappointing.   3.  How well can I adjust the dose to my sexual mood.  If we haven’t had sex for a while or I’m really horny or Andrea is really horny and wants it hard and fast, am I able to apply to proper dose to match our sexual mood.   Or if I just had sex recently, I’ll last a little longer naturally, but I still need some good control, so can I apply a smaller dose and get the proper control.   Last longer but finish when needed.

Sensation:          This is simply the good sexual feeling directly on my penis during foreplay, oral sex and sexual intercourse.  How close does it feel to using no product or condom at all.

Wife Pleasure:  There are two aspects to this.  The first is any loss of sensation that Andrea may experience from the anesthetic used in these products transferring to her vagina (or mouth).  The second is, now that I have better control, Andrea will want to command me to various thrusting rates and positions that will provide her the most amount of pleasure.  In the end, this is usually measured in her achieving one or more orgasms during sex.

Orgasm Intensity:  I think most guys agree that the longer you have intercourse with strong thrusting, the more intense the orgasm.  I rarely go longer than 30 minutes so I don’t have good data beyond that. If I could put this into a math equation, it would be:

(THRUSTING RATE) * (PENETRATION DEPTH) * (TIME) = ORGASM INTENSITY.  There’s other factors like how long since we last had sex and the amount of foreplay, but that equation generally applies.  I’ve had some intense intercourse where the orgasm was so intense that I thought I might snap some disks in my spine just before release.   And what a release!!


I’ve Tried Many Products

I think it’s important to mention that I’ve tried psychological counseling and the on-line pills. Neither worked. I’ve used the start/stop and even tried the squeeze method – they work when you used them but the idea that you can train your body to slow down and then forever be in control didn’t work for me and just doesn’t make any sense.  As soon as I used Promescent, I knew that delays sprays were the best was to solve my PE.