My First Experience with Promescent

(If you are looking for Promescent official website then click on this link, otherwise just carry on reading, I hope you find it interesting)

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but my life has been really busy lately.  I thought it was about time for an update because I have a lot to report on my PE treatment progress.

So it was getting near Valentine’s Day and I was starting to panic.  I mean if you can’t please your wife on Valentine’s, then things are not going well.  I found this video on romance and sex, and the lady sex expert really knew what she was talking about and mentioned a product called Promescent (this is their website that sounded like a very promising way to control PE and last a lot longer than my usual thirty seconds in bed.

So I checked out their website and saw that the topical numbing spray was FDA approved and endorsed by physicians. Basically it’s a desensitizing spray you can spray on your penis and then rub it in. Dr Oz has talked about it as well on his show where he described it as a gel but that was a mistake as it’s a spray.

promescent orderThen I checked out online reviews to see what people thought of Promescent.  The reviews were mostly positive, so I ordered myself a bottle.  I was hoping to give my wife the best Valentine’s gift she had ever gotten, but my years of struggling with PE had me a little worried that the Promescent wouldn’t work out. [Read more…]

My Experience with Stud100

Hi guys

I thought I’ll do another test and write about it here, hopefully you find interesting.

So, I’ll share our experience with Stud100, a very popular delay spray. I have been quite happy with Promescent (read about that test here), but anyone who has bought it knows it’s not the cheapest product out there. While me and Andrea are both enjoying sex so much more these days thanks to Promescent, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to try something else. Also, I was secretly hoping that maybe my problem has improved a little on its own since we’ve been making love regularly and I was no longer feeling nervous or worried about whether or not it will work.

stud100 review

So, we started looking around for cheaper alternatives and found Stud100 (official site here). This spray has been on the market for men like me for years now and most of the reviews we saw were positive. Also, since it was to be used in a similar way than Promescent, we though it looked promising. And when we saw the price, we decided to order a bottle.

For my surprise it was sold in many online pharmacies, so I chose one that promised 3 day shipping to Germany. I got a twin pack for around €10. In three days, it arrived to our doorstep in a plain white package, with no hint about what was inside. We hadn’t had sex for couple of days so we were both quite existed about this arrival.

Finally, after washing up after dinner we went to the bedroom. I took the spray and according to directions which said 3 to 8 sprays were needed, chose 5 as I wanted to make sure it would work well. We did, like we usually do with Promescent, Andrea helping me rub the liquid in (make sure to wash hands after rubbing it in!). However, this time we noticed something different, seemed like it didn’t absorb very well. We dismissed it at first, it was a different product after all. [Read more…]

Nasal Technology And Controversial Advertising

Hey there, today I was thinking about something that I now want to share with you. Recently I stumbled upon a new method to beat premature ejaculation – the nasal technology. I had heard about this before, but for some reason always dismissed it as I’m not a great believer in all those nasal technologies, and I find Promescent very effective anyway. I also heard there was a certain nasal tanning solution very popular in the UK but it came with quite a big side effects so these alternative technologies using nasal sprays make me very cautions.

So how do nasal sprays work?

Nasal technology is used for many health problems as it delivers the drug right into the blood stream faster than taking it orally. So now they are making sprays for PE as well. Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) has been helping people with premature ejaculation for a long time, the AMI spray is one of their products. It’s a nasal spray that will make you last longer in bed. You have to use it daily and also right before having sex. It will make you less sensitive and you get to enjoy lovemaking longer.

Advertising in front of your kids

Nasal Technology And Controversial AdvertisingSo the product might work (although I could find nothing about potential side effects) what I find disturbing (and I’m not the only one) is the way they advertise it. Creating billboards and large outdoor advertising for products like that is not a good thing in my eyes. Just think when your 10 year old kid has to see posters that read, „Making love…Make it bigger and last longer“ on the way to school. He or she will surely have questions.

Luckily the Advertising Standards Bureau is also not happy with this and they have banned some of their ads, especially the ones with sexual reference. That has worked and the ads are not that obvious anymore. I mean, any adult can find the info and the product if interested. We live in the internet age and some things should not be shown to the masses that includes children, elderly and conservative people.

Sure, the product may be working, and anyone with a premature ejaculation problem can easily find it. It’s not like you walk on the streets, see the ad and think – „OMG, I come early, I must have this product“. Surely it’s something you already know and are looking information and solutions for.

So here is my question for today, do you guys think it’s right to advertise products like this in public places where even children can see them? Also, any thoughts on this nasal technology and the AMI Spray are welcome. Especially if you have used it, let us know whether or not it is worthwhile to check it out. And please tell me about any side-effects you may have experienced.

Promescent soon available in your local pharmacy

Hi guys, just wanted to share something I found when surfing the web today. As you know or may not know, I have been using Promescent with my PE problem for a while. You can read more about my experience here.

PROMESCENT-smallWell, it seems that Promescent is getting more and more popular since even pharmacies are starting to sell it. Check out Soon you will be able to buy the product in 4,500 pharmacies in the USA. Hopefully it will be available in European pharmacies soon as well. Can’t say I’m surprised by this news at all, it is the only FDA approved product that can be used to treat PE, and my own personal results confirm that it works as well.

By now I’ve been using Promescent for quite some time with slightly different outcome. Most of the time it works fine and I can last over 3-4 minutes easy – although I’m not really taking time anymore, heh. However, sometimes I still get too excited and come earlier than I would like. But since it’s not something that happens every time now, I don’t think Andrea minds too much either. Seem to me that our sex life is better now than ever before and we certainly are doing it more than before.

Promescent has made me less nervous about making love. I’m more confident and can enjoy more. This is still not a permanent solution, but I’m working on that as well. I  have probably said this before, but if you need a quick fix for the night, Promescent is perfect.

Now that you can get it from a pharmacy, it makes it easier for you. Can’t always plan these things weeks ahead. However, if you still feel embarrassed (as I do) and are not comfortable with buying it form a pharmacy, visit their official website here and place your order online. The product will arrive in a week or two and since it’s packaged in a plain brown box without any indication to what’s inside, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

Good luck

Circumcision and Premature Ejaculation

A circumcision is the permanent surgical removal of the foreskin or part of it as well as the frenulum. The foreskin and frenulum are also the penis’ main erogenous zones. The result is that the tip is permanently exposed and will be always in contact with the underwear’s fabric, as well as anatomical parts found in this area (pubis or scrotum). Some people associate this with premature ejaculation. If you are known for having an increased sensitivity of the glans, you will more likely feel a very uncomfortable state.

How it works

The penis head is always lubricated thanks to the existence of the foreskin which facilitates sexual intercourse for men. The sensory nerves are stimulated, making the head of the penis the most sensitive area of the entire organ. The foreskin is another component of the penis that is extremely sensible and composed from great stimulatory nerves. After having a circumcision, the removal of the foreskin can affect these areas and therefore lead to men having a lower sensation during intercourse.

A lot of people would argue that the foreskin plays an important part in avoiding premature ejaculation as one of its main roles is to offer sensory perception that will alert each man as they are reaching climax. Others have stated that because it is such a sensitive area and it offers a dramatic response to sexual stimulation, a circumcised penis will cause men climax too early during sex. People still argue on the matter of circumcision leading to premature ejaculation. However, a very strong belief is that discipline and self control can help a man control his ejaculation.

Circumcision and premature ejaculation

The issue of aesthetics is obviously a subjective one. The same thing applies to the issue of hygiene. Some people often tend to link circumcision to premature ejaculation. Others use to think that circumcision is actually a solution to premature ejaculation. It has long been believed that this theory is accurate, but today we know with certainty that there is no connection between circumcision and premature ejaculation. So is there any solution for men who are confronting themselves with the problem of premature ejaculation? Yes, there are ways through which men experiencing premature ejaculation problem can learn to control their ejaculation, but they require, besides knowledge, perseverance and practice with their partner.

What studies have to say

The results of a study conducted back in 2005 revealed that the time required to ejaculate was equal in both cases: before and after the circumcision was performed. However, another study that dates back to 2004, conducted by a urologist named Temucin Senkul, has proven that in some cases, circumcision will even improve the issue of premature ejaculation. While a study was carried out on 42 men has revealed promising results, doctor Chad Ritenous, professor of urology has mentioned that the results of this study were not conclusive and that no person should believe that circumcision is the definite cure for premature ejaculation.

If you feel that you’d need some help with PR then please check out this post of mine

Desensitizing Creams and Sprays for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation also known as rapid ejaculation, early ejaculation, premature climax, rapid climax or ejaculation praecox occur when a man ejaculates faster at the time of sexual intercourse than they would like. As long as premature ejaculation happens rarely, it is not reason for worry. But, if you frequently ejaculate earlier than you are supposed to, such as shortly after penetration or before penile penetration, then this can be considered early ejaculation. Premature climax is an everyday sexual complaint. Estimates differ, however one out of three men might be affected by early ejaculation at some point.

Desensitizing Creams for Premature Ejaculation

Desensitizing Creams are a great solution for those men who are affected with premature ejaculation. The main advantage of these creams and sprays is that they are certain to work and it is something that can be obtained cheaply and easily in natural health stores, drugstores and online. However, it is important to note that desensitizing sprays and creams do not offer any permanent solution to the premature climax, they only control the symptoms.

Desensitizing creams contain a medical grade anesthetic-drug, usually prilocaine or lidocaine or even both. Lidocaine is a type of drug that almost all hospitals are permitted to hold all over the world and anesthetics has been used for decades. [Read more…]

Quick update

Hi guys.

I’m really sorry I haven’t updated my website for ages although I do have to say I’ve been in touch with about 150 guys around the world via emails, all asking how I’m doing and if I’ve had any improvement with PE. Thanks a lot everyone for your emails.

It has’t been the best of times as the economics is tough, Andrea (my partner) lost her job so there’s a lot of pressure in our lives right now. On a slightly more positive note, I’ve been reading about some PE techniques I found from an e-book. I only got it last week so haven’t had too much time to read it but so far it makes sense. It’s called “Ejaculation trainer” lol. This is their website: Ejaculation Trainer. Their sales page promises longer sex TONIGHT! but please don’t believe that. I’m on page 46 right now (out of 122) and most of what I’ve read seems good but it’s not going to be a quick fix.

They start from scratch there, by explaining what is premature ejaculation, how erection and ejaculation work, how to control arousal and what it is, and pretty much everything else as well what we need to know if we want to overcome premature ejaculation. There’s a lot about the mental side of sex and how to control it as it’s a really important part of it all.

So, as I said, I’m not quite half way through yet but it looks very promising. Ejaculation trainer website is this one here so have a look if you’ve got few minutes.

I’ll update about my progress in the coming weeks and will give you more thorough overview about Ejaculation Trainer then so please stay in touch.



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How to Deal with Premature Ejaculation

Dealing with premature ejaculation can be embarrassing and frustrating for both partners, but there is no reason to shy away from your problems. In fact, premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men and doctors have reported that 20-30% of men deal with it at some point in their lives. But knowing you’re not alone doesn’t make the problem go away.

You first step to overcoming or dealing with premature ejaculation is to figure out why it is happening. Is it physiological or biological? Physiological would be linked to anxiety. Are you so worried that you’re going to PE that you do? Biological reasons could include hormone or thyroid issues, diabetes, nerve damage, or inflammation or infection of the reproductive organs. If you’ve been dealing with this for a long time, your best bet is to head to the doctor, as it could be linked to something bigger. A doctor can help you figure out which direction you need to go in.

If you’re interested in trying some at home remedies, try some of the following:

Work on training your PC muscles. PC stands for pubococcygeus muscles and they are the muscles that control semen, urine, and the firmness of your penis. Keeping your PC muscles strong is as important as keeping your arm muscles strong. Whipping them into shape can help you last longer and stay firmer. The easiest way to target your PC muscles is to stop your urine mid stream. The muscle that holds your pee back is your PC muscle. To work them out, contract the muscles back and forth. You can find instructions on reps/sets online. It’s easy to integrate your butt or ab muscles into this exercise, so make sure you keep them relaxed.

Try using climax control condoms or desensitizing spray. Next time you’re about to go at it, slip on a climax control condom instead. These condoms contain 5% Benzocaine which will help numb the head of your penis. Make sure you put this on the right way though, otherwise you’ll numb your partner. You can also look into desensitizing sprays or creams like the ones sold at Adam & Eve. These also contain Benzocaine and will help you stay harder longer. Simply apply some to the head of your penis and the shaft and wait a few minutes for it to take effect. For best results, use the spray with a condom so that you don’t desensitize your partner.

Prep for your night by masturbating beforehand. If you know that you’re going to get busy, it’s best to knock out the first orgasm. This way it should take longer for you to reach your peak. Either do it minutes or hours before depending on how long it takes you to recharge.

Spend more time naked. If you and your partner live together or you spend a lot of time together at your houses, try sitting around and doing chores naked. This will help you get used to her body and keep you from getting so easily excited.

Remember to stay positive. It can be very frustrating, but the more mad and anxious you get about premature ejaculation the worse it’s going to be. Be open with your partner and work together on a solution.

Whats is Premature Ejaculation?

I found this piece from somewhere what explains what premature ejaculation is…

Whats is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation, just the very word strikes fear in most men. What many men do not realise is that it is surprisingly common.

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is when a man ejaculates too early on during sex. It is often just as the man penetrates the vagina or seconds after. This can cause a lot of embarrassment and frustration as in some cases, sex can be nearly impossible. So much so, that many men prefer to avoid sex altogether causing anger and frustration between partners which ultimately has negative effects on a relationship.

What Causes PE?

There are many factors for PE; the good news is many of the underlying causes for Premature Ejaculation are psychological.

Stress – At work, home or otherwise can have an impact on your sex life.

Performance Anxiety – This is especially common with someone new, the pressure to perform and satisfy can be so overwhelming that nerves take over and this interferes with performance.

Masturbating too often – While not a bad thing, if done excessively, the body soon ends up climaxing quickly in habit.

Confidence issues and low self-esteem- Insecurity with body image, penis size or other reasons can affect confidence and sexual performance.

Physical reasons may include hormonal imbalances (though this is not common) inexperience and even abstinence, where you have gone a long time without sexual activity.

What Can Be Done?

Premature Ejaculation can be treated very successfully once the cause is established. Severe cases of PE that do not respond to psychological and self-help techniques or natural therapies can be treated by medication prescribed by a doctor.

For the occasional or mild PE some things you can try to prevent or lessen the chances of PE include:

  • Natural based supplements, especially those containing Zinc and L-Arginine, these are scientifically proven to help to increase blood flow and strengthen and promote the general health of the penis resulting in longer-lasting erections.
  • Local anaesthetic gel. Some men like to apply this to the shaft of the penis just before intercourse to desensitize to prevent PE, however, if you are sensitive or allergic to the ingredients it can cause irritation, stinging and redness and can make sex less pleasurable for your partner. Special condoms containing anaesthetic, usually Benzocaine can also be used.
  • The Stop-Start technique. This is where the man masturbates to the point of climax and then stops. It should be repeated three times, allowing himself to ejaculate on the fourth time. If practiced regularly this can help to control ejaculation.

Some couples benefit from sexual therapy. Visiting a sex therapist can help you to learn new ways to control PE, build your confidence and get back on the road to start enjoying sex again.

Whatever method of treatment you choose; rest assured that Premature Ejaculation is treatable and it does not have to get in the way of an enjoyable sex life.


Chapter 2 – An Appointment

OK guys, I had a rather embarrassing appointment with my family doctor and we had a chat about my condition. To be fair to him he seemed to know quite a lot about PE so I didn’t have to do too much explaining about my experience. So it turns out that premature ejaculation is actually pretty common, it just depends on the definition. As I mentioned in my previous post I last max 2 minutes. Some men say that they have PE but they actually last more than 10 minutes so it comes down to everyone’s expectation as well.

He said that it happens mostly to young guys who have just started having sex, but it can happen to pretty much anyone.  He also mentioned that if your intercourse is lasting less than 2 minutes then it can almost certainly be classified as premature ejaculation as on average the sexual intercourse lasts more than 5-6 minutes. So, now we have an almost definite diagnosis that I suffer from premature ejaculation.

There can be several causes of premature ejaculation though so no 100% answer what causes it. One of the main reasons is definitely anxiety. Anxiety that you are having a sex, anxiety that you might not last long, anxiety because you have a new relationship and so on… Another option is that it’s inherited!!! Apparently you might have been born with it, and it turns out that if that’s the case then it’s most likely your father had it too. But these are extremely rare cases and I’m praying I’m not one of them.  Funnily enough, if I was a caveman then I’d have more chances of getting children as in the old days it was believed that if you climaxed quicker you’ll have more chances of getting kids.

Anyway, he recommended few different things to try so this is what I’m going to do in the next few weeks/months. Fingers crossed I will have some improvements with PE.

I’ll report back as soon as I can, either with some positive news or not so positive, so stay tuned.